Client Comments

Distribution - "Richard Boyd was easy to work with, always prepared, flexible, and understanding of our unpredictable time schedule."

- "Mr. Boyd displayed extreme professionalism in his time spent with us on the project as well as a strong penchant for helping us determine logical solutions to problems. Common sense and logical thinking combined with the knowledge of our business goals enabled him to become the key player in the results achieved in this particular project. He thought through every process without shortcuts. Very thorough."

- "Richard Boyd is very good at listening and gathering all the details. He presented the problems as I saw them and then he had me look at the problems in a different paradigm. He represented professionalism throughout the entire process."

Service Provider
- "R.E. Boyd Associates has been proactive in the growth of our company since the beginning. They have helped with the creation of our marketing and finance divisions. Without their help we would still be just a vision. They helped make our vision a reality."

- "The work performed for us by Richard Boyd has had a greater impact on the success of the business than any other single thing in the company's history."