Our Approach

We use a systems approach to organizational design and development. Recognizing that each area of your business is connected to all other areas, and what effects one will affect the whole, we know that prepackaged and cookie-cutter solutions won't bring the best possible results. We work with you to identify the best solutions for your unique situation.

We know also that one method of paying for services does not fit everyone. That's why we offer a variety of payment options to accommodate your particular situation.

Strategy Development and Implementation

For the best chance of maintaining success you need an effective and well implemented strategy. There is a critical connection between your company's competencies and their ability to meet needs in the marketplace. Once this is identified, efficient and effective products, operation strategies, and marketing can be developed.

Establishing and implementing the correct management controls assure that the right strategy for your company will be developed, implemented, and maintained. Nothing in management process theory is as misunderstood as the control function. We have collected information and clarified the topic so that strategy and controls can be put effectively to work for you.

Policy, Procedure, and Documentation

The best way to implement and achieve strategy is through a well designed and implemented document control system. Employees naturally seek to accomplish what they believe to be important. When our system of conveying instructions relies mostly on what is spoken, what is processed by the employee can be the result of out dated, inaccurately transmitted, and missing information.

When we view work from a systems perspective, we design our work by viewing the whole picture. When the system is properly documented, the foundation has been laid for repeatable, successful results. A well documented system also facilitates successful change and corrective action efforts.


Operations is where value is created and the money made. When productivity and efficiency are high in this area the potential for profits and continued success is maximized. Generally, this area of the organization accounts for the greatest percentage of cost. For this reason there must be continual monitoring of capacity and waste.


Without proper marketing the best products will never be in demand. Like all other aspects of successful business operation there must be a well thought out and executed plan for marketing the organization's products. Frequently, the marketing function is the most poorly organized and biggest cost wasting function of the company. A well designed marketing mix will maximize exposure and minimize expense.


The saying "you've got to spend money to make money" is true for all but the fewest of situations. All organizations need a constant and adequate supply of money to continue in operation. Minimizing risk and maximizing return on the owner's investment are critical concerns of the finance function.

Organizational Analysis

We can perform an analysis of any or all areas of your organization, describing areas of weakness and strength, and work with you to design and implement effective solutions.

Discuss an Issue or Concern

Sometimes you just need someone's input or opinion about a topic. Many of the management issues we face each day can be handled in a few minutes by getting fresh input about a problem or proposed solution. Give us a call or send us an e-mail. Most issues can be handled for a low, flat fee.